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Review: Pool Revolutions: Cue Sports

Today’s review I will be featuring the 500 Wii Point game(NA) Pool Revolutions: Cue Sports. Cue Sports is a billiards simulator on the Wii Shop Channel that has a decent amount of options, and supports head-to-head multiplayer on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

When you begin the game, you will be greeted with an animation of silhouettes posing with the title screen shortly following. You will be asked to create a profile and select one of your Miis to be the save file icon, although there are plenty of other ways to implement them throughout the game, it just stay there sadly. Once you get past the save file screen you will have a set of options which are: Matchup, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Matchup, Practice, Puzzle Mode, Replays, How to Play, and Back to Title Screen.

If you don’t know how the game of billiards works, you would select the How to Play option, it doesn’t really go into mechanics and fouls, but it will explain how to win and score in the four games of 9-Ball, 8-Ball, Rotation, and Snooker. Matchup is quite straightforward, you select difficulty level, number of players, handicap, game, fouls, table/billiard style, and racks needed to win the game. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection matchup works very closely to it, but you won’t be able to choose the fouls and the table/billiard styles.

In puzzle mode, you are to sink all the billiards into the pockets within the allotted amount of shots. The game gives you forty puzzles to complete, and the game allows you to create you own puzzles, a nifty feature I say.

Replays are self-explanatory, in matchup mode, the game asks you if you’d like to save a replay, if you select yes, the replay will be stored on the game’s save file, and you can view it at any time. Finally, practice allows you to hone your skills by playing any one of the games alone.


The game is a pretty neat package for a 500(NA) point price tag, it does everything that’s needed, and quite well. The controls aren’t that accurate on motion, but with a simple press of the – button, it can be switched to something more controllable. The graphics are decent and you can tell what’s going on and there are no significant glitches to speak of.


When scoring a game it is based off of my subjective opinion of the game, if you feel it’s better or worse, please post it in the comments section. Now when actually rating a game, people look for different things, value, score, recommendation, etc. so I will rate my games on those three categories in a simple manner.

Pool Revolutions: Cue Sports

Recommendation: Recommended

Value: 500/500 Wii Points

Score: 7/10

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