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What Happened to This Generation of Gaming? Part 1

Today, in gaming, we’re reaching the peak of power this generation has provided to us. Nintendo is offering the best real time 1:1 motion to date and high definition graphics from the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. But while playing these games, have you ever asked yourself how the game will be without all the processing power and graphical power capabilities from this generation? More likely than not, your initial response would be “of course not,” mainly because that is most likely the reason why the game is interesting. It’s becoming increasingly more obvious how the experience is being conveyed has became more important than the core experience itself. We all have to realize the fact sooner or later that games are becoming more pretentious.

Now I’m not saying just today’s games are pretentious, earlier eras had their fair share with games like Donkey Kong Country and Star Fox for the SNES. Or Gran Turismo on the PSX. Even games from well known franchises have their “look what I can do” entries like Final Fantasy VIII and dare I say Final Fantasy VII.

This proves that these kinds of games did exist in the past but there is a saturation of these games this generation. Take Sonic Unleashed for example, the main drive for that game was the Hedgehog Engine which allowed the game to meticulously simulate the lighting for every object. Or The Conduit for Wii which the developers have blatantly stated that one of the reasons for the game is to show the graphical capabilities for Wii. But I’m not only talking about graphics here, Wii also has its share of pretentious games just to show how accurate the control is. Albeit, that IS innovation there, but by the current showing of third parties with Grand Slam Tennis, they are mainly making these games to show what they can do with the technology. I’m not bashing it, because it allows room for gameplay innovation and improves on the controls a lot, but these developers should begin showing substance with these games by at least 2010. I end this entry with a simple challenge to you, name 5 games on the three popular current generation platforms that aren’t pretentious in your opinion, then give an approximation on how long it took you. This should hopefully open people’s eyes and developers eyes that once people move on from the glitz and the glamor, what will they have left?

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