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Review: Let’s TAP

Today’s review features the $30 game Let’s TAP as a retail Wii game. It was developed by Yuji Naka, paired with the team PROPE. It is a variety game with local multuplayer where the main control method is, you guessed it, tapping. First to play the game, you must lay your Wii Remote face down on a flat tapping surface where it can pick up vibrations, the best surface for this a box. I used the box my Wii Console originally came in and it worked out great.
Once you get your tapping surface sorted out, on the first playing session, the game will greet you with their high energy title theme. After that the game will take you through the basic control mechanics, of how to lightly tap the surface, using a specific amount of firmness, and so on. Once you get past that, you’ll be taken to the main menu of the game, which offers five games to play which are: Tap Runner, Rhythm Tap, Silent Blocks, Bubble Voyager, and Freestyle. One problem to note however is the tap function to navigate through menus, although you can use the basic navigation of using the D-pad and the A Button.
Tap runner is a game that you race to the finish line while avoiding obstacles in your path, the basic control here is the continuously tap lightly to make your character run, and firmly tap to jump, but later on there will be new obstacles that require you to tap differently in order to pass them. Such obstacles are hurdles, little shock points, spring panels, slides, etc.
Rhythm Tap is where you tap in coordination to the markers moving across the screen of the colours blue, yellow-green, and red, which me to tap lightly, medium firmness, and firm respectively. There are also markers that are green with a wave connecting the two and blue and red, with a wave connecting the two which mean to tap repeatedly and to tap repeatedly with growing strength. It’s quite fun experiencing different rhythms of the songs, there are 20 in all, but the last four songs you have to unlock.
Silent blocks is where you remove blocks to attain the goal of scoring, or to obtain the prize at the the top. The latter is the first mode with the aforementioned the second mode Alchemy, it’s fun in its own respect but it gets a bit dull after a while. Bubble Voyager is where you use your taps to fire missiles and to rise and descend. It also offers a four player battlefield mode.
The final mode freestyle is where you taps are depicted at the screen, the game itself is kind of pointless, but it works as a great relaxation tool in an obscure way.

Let’s TAP is a very fun game where it’s simplicity and applications makes it the perfect single player or party game, there is a lot of replay value to the core experience for a couple of the games, I wouldn’t call it an instabuy, but I would expect a good amount of satisfaction upon buying it.

Value: $25/$30 USD
Recommendation: Somewhat recommended
Score: 7/10

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