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Review: Bubble Bobble Plus!

This review features the 600 point game Bubble Bobble Plus! for WiiWare. It’s a simple arcade concept that is now available for us all on Nintendo’s Downloadable service. When you first start up the game, you will be greeted with the cheery theme song of the game, which is actually a stripped down version of the Arrange mode’s theme, more about that later. You will then have to create your profile with your Mii as an icon.

Here’s how the game works, you play as small, cuddly dragons who blow bubbles. These bubbles trap enemies, and you have to pop the bubbles to kill the enemies, you have to kill all the enemies before the creature which I dub as the ‘grim reaper’ comes, and tries to kill you. Simple enough right? Well where the challenge obviously lies is in the the level structure and the enemies. I’ve only made it about one-fifth through the game before I just turn it off, for fear of throwing my Wii Console out of the window.

Now the game offers 6 basic modes of gameplay, Standard, Arrange, Super Standard, Super Arrange, Expert Mode 1, and Expert Mode 2. I can’t offer an opinion on the last two because they’re paid DLC packs which are 200 points each, I didn’t touch them because I’m not that good at Bubble Bobble to begin with.

Standard mode uses the mechanics I explained above in a fashion of rectangular platforms, no slopes, nothing, this is the core arcade Bubble Bobble experience which many fans have come to love, and lost quarters in the arcades to.

After that, there’s Arrange, which is like Standard, but some stages are designed with a 45 degree slope, adding a form of variety and challenge to the gameplay.

Super Standard and Super Arrange are much like their original counterparts except the enemies are tougher, as in, if you’re at Level 1, you’re facing against enemies with projectiles.

Expert Modes 1 and 2 are self explanatory, this is where your skills will be tested in a grueling 50 level pack. Now with all of these modes, there’s a global ranking mode where you are set against some guidelines, and you play through the game for the highest score, and a good rank.


Bubble Bobble Plus! is a great game that offers decent gameplay, nice animated graphics, and superb modes for the masochistic that is a VERY well rounded package.


Value: 600/600(1000/1000) Wii Points

Recommendation: Highly recommended

Score: 8/10

June 27, 2009 - Posted by | Reviews

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