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June’s Reflection, July’s Plans, and My ‘Office’

Okay, it has officially been about roughly two weeks since I started. I only updated a few times this much since it was just reviews and a talking point. I’d love to hear any suggestions on what you’d like to see here, I have plenty of topics I’d like to talk about, I just don’t know if they’d be bearable to read or not. Comments are always appreciated, I love feedback, good or bad. For July, I’ll probably have a couple more talking points, the usual reviews, my DSi impressions, and hopefully my interview with the mystery developer. Oooh, ahhh, the mystery. Also, as I said, a bit off topic, but here’s a picture of the place where I do my blogging, in my ‘office.’ Well, not an office, just my room where I play, sleep, eat, type, and occasionally rant.

Yeah, quite barebones.

June 28, 2009 - Posted by | Miscellaneous

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