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Review: Art Style PiCTOBiTS

Today’s review will feature the 500 Nintendo Point game on the Nintendo DSi, Art Style: PiCOBiTS. Most people familiar with the WiiWare service are aware that the Art Style series is a collection of simple games, and are more often than not, very fun. When you first select the game from your menu, you are presented with five options, which are: Play, Music, Hand, Tutorial, and help. Help is only the instruction manual of the game, it will tell you vital facts about the game but it’d be wise to use Tutorial for a live visual representation.

Play does as it says, you play the game. It is set up of 15 normal levels and 15 dark levels, I’ll get more into that later. The mechanics of the game are a bit hard to describe, but it’s fairly simple. You are presented with a playing field on the touch screen. At the bottom of the playing field, there is a series of coloured blocks stacked together. These are bits. If you are to touch these bits with the stylus, they are absorbed into your palette. You have space for eight bits in your palette. Now there are bigger bits that fall from the top of the playing field, these are Megabits, what you do is use the bits in your palette, then place them next to the Megabits to form 4×1 ot 2×2 formations of the same colour. Once you do that, the bits will disappear and fly up to the top screen. If you get enough of the megabits to disappear, then form an image of an NES character on the top screen. Back to the gameplay, if things get too intense, you can activate a POW switch to erase some bits and have others fall to the bottom of the screen, at the cost of a space on your palette. There is a way to get it back though. In the game, you can earn coins by meeting simple conditions in the game, at the cost of five coins within a level, you may restore a lost palette.

Coins have other uses within the game. In the play menu, with every level, there is a dark level, which is essentially a hard version of it, a VERY hard version of it, even at Dark Level 1. You buy these dark levels using coins you obtain.

Music mode is an extra that allows you to listen to tracks within the game at the cost of coins. If you wish, you can close the DS and listen to the music through your headphones. Hand, the final option, is to accommodate left handed and right handed users.


Art Style: PiCOBiTS is a simple game that offers hours of gameplay that uses retro characters for veteran Nintendo fans.


Value: 500/500 Nintendo DSi Points

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Score: 9/10

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