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Review: The Conduit

Today’s game is a strange one, a highly anticipated game, but a strange one. This review is about the $50 game The Conduit. When you first start it up, you are given a series of options. There are a numerous amount of them packed in so I’ll go over the main parts. The first option is single player, and you have a choice between New Game/Continue or Missions which allows you to do specific levels of the game. Playing this is very simple, it is a first person shooter, there are enemies, you shoot them, and move on, that’s it kind of.

Back to single player, the story of it just reeks of pretentiousness. Something weird happens, weird ally contacts you, you get double crossed and your alleged enemy becomes your friend, alien invasion, etc. I’ve got to say it is almost painful to listen to the story. Speaking in gameplay terms, it does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it VERY well. If you don’t like the game layout and controls setup for you, you’re allowed to easily change it to your liking, remove some HUD icons, add some, switch the controls, all on the fly, it’s very accessable and I like that about the game.

Moving onto multiplayer, it’s online only, they cut out local multiplayer because it would drop graphical quality, but enough about that. Connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with that game has been the longest wait I have EVER experienced in AGES. It takes about two minutes to connect. After that, the experience is seamless, even though it supports 12 people in a match at the same time. It offers every option you could need in multiplayer that I can think of. Drop in, drop out matches, joining friends live, hosting private games. A very good experience overall when it comes to that.

The game does offer extras like ‘cheats’ and unlockables, or accomplishments for those completionists. My main problem with the game is although the quality is spectacular for a first person shooter, it’s quite mainstream, and if you’re not a total obsess over things like that, you might be left a little disappointed. It’s more of a love it or hate it type of game.

Conclusion: The Conduit, albeit having some of the most recycled things a Sci-fi first person shooter can have is a great experience for those hungry for a first person shooter, it’s top notch, but you really have to like the genre to truly appreciate it.


Value: $50/$50

Recommendation: Not highly recommended

Score: 8/10

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