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Review: Bit Boy!!

Today’s review will be featuring the 600 point game Bit Boy!! on WiiWare. This game is the third of Bplus’ game offerings, as they intended for a retro style while you go through each of the eras in Bit Boy’s adventure.
When you first start up the game, you’ll be greeted by the Title Screen showing Bit Boy!!, once you press start, you’ll be taken into the story by a set of screens and text. I’m not going to give it away, but a 4-bit monster kidnaps Kubi’s friends and scattered them all throughout the eras in gaming.
The objective of the game is very simple, save Kubi’s friends, and don’t get captured by the monsters, that’s about it on the surface. What the developers intended is that you stay around to collect fruit to increase your score. There are six eras in all, with five levels per era. As you progress you get to attack, starting in the 8-bit era, be sure to use your attacks wisely because they’re limited. If you just blast through the game, it can be finished in under an hour. Yet since this is intended to be a high score game, you’re meant to go back, collect fruit and go for the high score.
There is also a warp mode for each era that can be played where you collect diamonds randomly placed within the levels that replenish temselves. If you’re struck by an enemy, you go to the next level, it goes on like that until you finish the era.
After you complete the game, you can go through again, using Turbo mode where you have 999 lives, 999 attacks, and you get to move really fast, as the credits roll by below.
When going through the eras, you will notice obvious graphical changes, in an effort to keep the authenticity through each era. 32-bit has a long loading screen as a running gag abuot the loading times, if you’re not that patient, you can always skip it with a press of the ‘-‘ button. Then in the 128-bit era, you can use motion controls to jump. My main problem with this one is that, you have to love the 4 bit era’s gameplay, because that’s the game’s core experience in its purest form. If you don’t like it, there’s nothing much to look forward too because the developers didn’t add also the power of each system to its fullest extent, making gameplay pretty stale if you don’t care for the graphical changes, which are meticulously perfect in almost every aspect.

Conclusion: Bit Boy!! is a game intended to go through the eras of gaming, showing what has been done up to now. there’s nothing wrong with the game, but it’s pretty blunt, you have to love the gameplay from 4-bit, or you’re not going to like it, the other modes are a nice addition to keep you coming back for more, it might be one of those once in a while games that you’ll pick up to play in short bursts. If you want to share your high scores with other players, Bplus has its forums open to post yours if you want to compete with others. They can be found at

Value: 500/600 Wii Points
Recommendation: Somewhat Recommended
Score: 7/10

July 14, 2009 - Posted by | Reviews

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