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Review: PLÄTTCHEN- Twist ‘n’ Paint

On the review chopping block today is Bplus’ PLATTCHEN- Twist ‘n’ Paint. This is actually Bplus’ first entry onto WiiWare,a very big entry at that. When you first begin the game, you’ll be greeted with a cutscene that explains the story of the game that focuses on the magical gearwheel, the ZeLeLi. You will be asked to make a profile where you will pop bubbles to make your profile name. It’s fustrating when the letters start overlapping, lengthening the process to about 5 minutes to get a devent four letter name in. After that, you’re presented a six by five array of panels. The first row is labelled classic, the second row is Copycat, the third row Mission, fourth is Party, and the fifth one is options. In all three modes, you twist the controller to select a colour, then you select a panel with your IR pointer to change the colour of that panel.
The goal of classic mode is to line up at least four panels called plattchen, of the same colour for them to react, then after a few seconds they will explode, lining up more plattchen will increase your energy bar. The resulting energy is used to fill up your energy bar which is how you complete the level. Run out of energy, or plattchen to connect and you lose. There are MANY, MANY factors concerning strategies, methods, items and what not when it comes to the mechanics, which is a major gripe since it makes learning the game hard, but once you get it, the real challenge will be the puzzles. The game can be controlled using the Wii Remote stand alone, the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, or the Wii Zapper. All have their advantages and disadvantages in their own respects, but they work pretty well.

Classic mode tries to keep the experience fresh by using Fantasies, which are essentially different worlds of the game with their own unique style and music. Most of the fantasies have items to shoot except for one, which is the Japan fantasy. The worlds are nice at first, but can be detrimental, and sometimes fustrating in the latter levels, but those are only two fantasies I’m speaking of, since your in game avatars, called FantasyMEs, which move about the screen can get hurt, and in some cases badly, and losing all of your lives, can cause you to lose the game also. In classic mode, there are one hundred levels in all.

Copycat mode is very simple. Within a time limit, you recreate four pictures displayed at the top left on the field by changing the colour of th plattchen. There are one hundred levels in this mode, and levels are unlocked by making the top seven places in classic mode. Mission mode is straightforward also, it requires you to complete specific taskes indicated by it’s respective introduction screen. Missions are unlocked by making the top 3 in classic mode. Completing levels in both the Copycat and Mission modes earns you time diamonds which are used to unlock special features in the game.
All the modes support up to four player co-op, but in Party mode, Classic is the only available mode to play and supports up to eight players. One player holding a Wii Remote, and one holding a nunchuck. You have the choice of one of the five modes it offers, VS, Out of Control, Split Screen, Destruction, and Bomb Rain, which adds frantic action to each of the levels, a nice addition, but it’d be too chaotic normally.

Plattchen is a HUGE package, offering levels and modes for MANY hours of play, it doesn’t really get stale. But it often gets fuustrating at points and has an incredibly steep learning curve initially. The game requires commitment to learn the basics, which would turn most off, but looking past that, it’s a experience that is VERY enjoyable.

Value: 1000/1000(1200/1500 EU) Wii Points
Recommendation: Not highly recommended
Score: 8/10

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