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Review: Wii Music

Ah, yes. Wii Music. I remember it well. E3 2008, they say that there’s something ELSE, they’d like to show. Everyone holds their breath, hoping for a Metroid, or Zelda game. Smoke fills the room. What do they show? A drummer, looking like an idiot, making ear-splittingly bad music on a virtual drum set. They then introduce it as Wii Music. For what they just showed, I could EASILY assume it was all about drums. Then, Miyamoto comes out and makes the game look a LITTLE better, and then they ruin the whole thing by showing people wave the Wiimotes around like morons, and bad notes play. They even missed parts entirely! Talk about a misleading first impression.

Wii Music is not like Guitar Hero, or Rock Band, it’s ‘competitors’. Its goal is simple: let everyone have fun while appreciating music. It achieves this goal well, but 70% is too hard, and 10% is too easy. Only about 20% is just right. Now, there are 60+ instruments to choose from, and 50 songs to choose from. Only 7 are Nintendo, however. About 10 attempt to be ‘pop’ music, but fail, but you can skip any song you don’t like, which is a nice touch. Also, there are some great classics, like Troika, Scarborough Fair, and A Little Night Music, which are fantastic.

Controls for the instruments are in a couple categories: Piano/drum, where you just bang around, Wind, which you alternate the 1 and 2 buttons, the Violin and Cello, where you pretend you are playing them while alternating the C and Z buttons on the Nunchuck, and then there’s other, which usually involve waggle. My favorite is the Violin/Cello, as it’s the most elaborate for the main game.

Outside of the main game, you have videos, which are a rather…lackluster feature, but it has it’s uses, namely WiFi. It also has lessons, which you won’t find yourself using very often, some minigames, which are fun, but repetitive, and lastly, the Drum Mode. The drum mode is ridiculously hard, and I could go into a whole review of that SEPERATELY, but I won’t, so in the interest of time, I’ll just say this: It’s TOO hard!


Now, overall, in Wii Music, you get a very mixed package. From the box, it looks like something that Hardcore gamers would NEVER like, but on the inside, it gives the right amount of challenge for ANYONE to make good sounding music! (Especially that damned drum mode…) and the music sounds great for a Wii Game, too!

Score: 7.5/10

$45/$50 retail



July 21, 2009 Posted by | Reviews | 1 Comment