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Rating System

As most reviewers would do, a number is assigned as a overall score to the game as a straightforward way to depict their opinion in a simple format. Here, as I use three scores instead of one, I would like to have a clear representation on what I mean when I give my scores, by providing a description to each one.


This is quite straightforward, the first figure I show is what I think the game is worth in its respective currency, the second figure is the MSRP for the game itself, so 500/500 means that I think the game has a great value, and is worth every bit of money the developer asks for.


Again, straightforward, this is to tell you whether I think you should try out the game or not. Please keep in mind this is independent of the other two scores, so even if a game is good at what it does, let’s say The Conduit, I wouldn’t highly recommend it if I don’t think it’s worth buying really in my opinion. Here is a list of degrees of recommendation I have.

  • Highly Recommended
  • Recommended
  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Highly Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Score: Self explanatory since a good chunk of reviewers use this, it just gives my basic idea about how the game is in terms of the quality. Here is a list of my ratings from highest to lowest:

10- This is a great game, it has no glitches, hours of replayability, stunning graphics and sound, superb gameplay, and a nice concept, it’s rare and saved for the best of the best.

9-  Sill an awsome game, amybe the occasional gripe, and a tiny glitch once or twice, but retains all of the aspects of a game worth its merit.

8- A good game, it might have some aspects that might not agree with the player, like a few more minor glitches than expected, somewhat unfair AI,  but it shouldn’t deter you from enjoying it.

7- Still a good game, it might have some blatant let downs such as dull parts, graphical nonsense, the occasional cheap shot of the AI, and might leave you a bit underwhelmed but feel it was still an experience worth it.

6- Has some problems, framerate issues, again the AI, some annoying features, questionable gameplay, and a few other things leaving you in doubt whether you want to play it again IF you finish it.

5-  The game is bland, it does what it’s supposed to do, some major glitches, cheap AI, nothing really wrong with the game, but doesn’t really offer anything to make you continually keep you coming back.

4-  This is really when it gets sub par, the gameplay is affected by the glitches, dubious control schemes, bad graphics to where you don’t understand the action, this is where games might offer something redeeming but it’ll leave you wanting more.

3- The game is pretty poor in terms of quality, no redeeming features, offers no replayability, gets stale quickly, and is most often repetitive.

2- The game is horrible as soon as you start it up, incomprehensable menus, broken gameplay, bad mechanics, a bad package overall.

1- How someone should come across something like this is a total mystery to me, the game isn’t even worth the time to even demo or rent from someone.



  1. Hmm, I wonder if there’ll ever be a game out here nowadays that will actually get a one out of ten. Seeing as these producers and video game artists have keen eyes themselves nowadays… plus, they oughta know just how big of critics we are. We find one mistake, and we’re all over them like ants.

    Anyhow, I’d laugh if you actually reviewed a game that got either two or one out of ten, ’cause I’d love to hear you flame the stuff, Seth. Oh, yeah, the critic side of Seth!

    From your Bit Boy!! review I can see that you’re like me: you despise cliches.

    See ya!


    Comment by Samsorz | July 14, 2009 | Reply

    • Well on the WiiWare platform, the only truly bad games are either rush jobs by big developers to make an extra buck(but hopefully won’t because of Nintendo’s double edged sword of a policy), or it might be the occasional lacklustre release on the developer’s part if they’re not ready for things like this(or unfortunately, they thing they can just tap into a fad for cash flow). Other than that it comes to a matter of taste, the main reason the recommendation and final score are independent of each other. A game might be great but it still couldn’t be my taste, like FPS games. Also, yes, clichés have a tendency to rub me the wrong way.

      Comment by Seth | July 20, 2009 | Reply

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